Aircraft Maintenance

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We provide you with fully approved Bombardier warranty work and all-round services for your aircraft, including the full spectrum of line and base maintenance activities, structural inspections and engine services, as well as upgrades and modifications. Combined with high-level international Lufthansa Technik standards we are the best choice for your Learjet, Challenger or Global aircraft.


As a maintenance partner specialized in Bombardier Business Aircraft we offer a wide range of services. Open six days a week and with an AOG hotline reachable 24 hours a day, we offer customer support whenever and wherever it is needed. Our high-quality standards maximize the reliability and availability of your business jet.

Short downtimes and the best value for money

When it´s time to maintain your aircraft we are at your service wherever and whenever you need us. We offer line maintenance services from routine certified checks before your flight to handling spare parts. Our services range from smaller checks to 12-month inspections, troubleshooting, wheel changes and much more.

Also we deliver dedicated heavy maintenance services. From a simple tire change to a 120-month inspection on a Global, a 96-month inspection on a Challenger or a 12-years inspection on a Learjet, our highly trained and experienced staff provide short down-times and the best value for money so that your Bombardier business aircraft is ready for take-off in no time.

“As one of just two Bombardier Service Centres in Europe, our staff is committed to getting you back up and flying sooner, with quality-driven, 24/7 customer service and comprehensive capabilities.”

Clemens Schrettl, Head of Sales & Marketing

  • Airframe
  • Avionics
  • Engine
  • Interior
  • Paint
  • Engineering
Learjet, Challenger, Global
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  • Support + Designated Alteration Station

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Your management partner of this complex process

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is an essential step in buying an aircraft. Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services is the neutral partner between buyer and seller, offering an independent service. We manage the complex pre-purchase process which takes into account both parties' different interests and, in the end, we produce a final report with a summary of the conditions of the aircraft and the status of airworthiness-related items. 

PPI Features

  • Technical consulting for buyer and seller, offering an independent service with more than 20 years experience on all types
  • System based, AMM specific task oriented PPI tailored to individual requirements
  • Managing the pre-purchase process
  • Each finding is clearly assigned, whether it concerns airworthy or cosmetic matters
  • Customer choice concerning depth of PPI with full flexibility
  • Producing a final report with a summary of the aircraft conditions and the status of the airworthiness-related items